It’s finally happening…

Hello all!

We have a few things for you today.

First, sorry it has been so long since you last heard from us. Even though we had intentions of starting book four last year, it just didn’t happen. Without going into detail, let’s just say life got in the way. But the good news is, we are finally writing Forbidden Addiction! As in, we opened a Word file, gave it a name, and actually typed words on the page. Also, we have already put a deposit down with our editor, put in a book cover order, and have a goal of publishing it mid-summer. It is really and truly going to happen this time.

Second, we have some bad news/good news. The bad news is Forbidden Series: Volume One is only going to be on Kindle Unlimted through 04/22/2017. So if you know someone who has KU and would be interested in reading the first three book, tell them to do it sooner rather than later. The good news, though, is that after that date we will be free to publish Volume One on Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play Books, etc. So if you are someone who’s been waiting, you only have to wait two more months.

Third, with the pending release of Forbidden Addiction, we have permanently dropped the price of Forbidden Blood. If you’re still looking to buy it, know someone who does, or want to give it as a gift, it is now easier on the wallet to do so.

Fourth, and last but not least, we have a totally new website! But in the revamping of it, we noticed our FAQ page was a little out of date and perhaps a little sparse. So if you have questions or any thoughts you want to share with us, please stop by and do so. Or if there is something you think we should add to our website, let us know. We love, love, love hearing from our readers. It’s really you guys that have motivated us to start writing again, and we are so happy to have great fans like you because you gave us the kick in the pants we needed. So thank you all for being so wonderful and patient! We are very lucky to have you as fans.

One last quick thing. Our newsletter mailing list should be attached to our new website blog, but if you don’t get your email today, let us know, so we can fix that.

Thanks again and happy reading!


Hello readers!

We hope all is well with you and that spring is treating you great. It’s been slow coming in Minnesota, but we’re finally getting some nice days.

We wanted to send you an update about what is happening with us, why you haven’t heard much from us lately, and what’s happening with Phoenix and Dante’s book and why it’s not going to be here as soon as we had originally planned. It’s going to sound like a list of excuses but, I promise you, they are valid reasons.

One. For the past eight months, I have been studying for two huge (and expensive) tests for work. The details are boring so I won’t bother you with them, but they were basically required if I wanted to keep my job. Since writing doesn’t pay the bills (man, I wish it did!), I’ve had to focus all of my energy into studying for them. I haven’t even been reading! (See, I told you that they were important.) But the good news is that I passed the first test at the end of last year and I just passed my second test a week ago. What a relief!

Two. As most of you know, both of us gave birth last July, and as moms of babies know, those little turds are a lot of work. (I have older kids and I forgot how much work infants are.) Not only have they turned our lives upside down, but Lara has been working full-time and is exclusively pumping for her baby. That takes a lot of time, then she has to clean a lot of bottles and parts, so she doesn’t have a lot of spare time right now. (I am blessed that I only work part-time and that my baby nurses directly so I only have to pump at work.) The good news is that our boys will be a year old in July, and Lara’s schedule will get a little easier.

Three. And this is the one I ask for the most consideration. You may or may not know that Lara was pregnant with twin boys who were born five weeks early. One of her sons was born with a congenital heart defect. Sadly, her son was only with us for 16 days before he earned his angel wings. For anyone who has lost a child (or even losing someone you are close to), you know that the grief she has been experiencing is something I would never wish on my worst enemy. She suffers with this every day, so writing isn’t something she will always be able to focus on. But I do know she wants to find out what happens with Phoenix and Dante as much as you all do, so it will happen. Just not quite as soon as we all would like.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding! We are very lucky to have fans like you!

Renae and Lara


Lara’s twin boys. (August 2015)


Two of our biggest fans! (February 2016)

Publication Update

After taking some time off from querying, we have decided to self-publish. We’re incredibly excited and scared at the same time.
We decided to do this, rather than traditional  publishing, for many reasons. Some include, we’ve read a number of self-published books this summer that we love, we want to publish our book the way we want it and not the way we think an agent and/or publisher would, and because traditional publishing is never going to give us a chance because of what we write about. Agents simply think they’re are already too many vampire novels out there. While we think there can never be enough good ones.
However, we are incredibly grateful that we decided to try the traditional publishing route first. We have learned so much.
So, wish us luck as we finish up our first novel and get it ready for publication.

Happy reading!
R.L. Kenderson