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Praise for Wicked Chemistry

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Praise for Object of My Desire

So hot…but shouldn’t be… Eden’s the teacher, Mace is the student – an over 18 high school senior.
This is so hawwwt. My emotions were so back and forth throughout the whole book! It was so steamy, fun, secretive, dangerous and exciting.
I really loved this book!!! My heart is still fluttering!

OMG, So Freaking Amazing!!
I absolutely adored every bit of it. It was thrilling, titillating, extremely sensual, and intensely sexual. I one hundred percent recommend people reading this book! Don’t miss this one!

“”This book was beyond amazing. I haven’t been on such an immersive journey while reading a book in quite some time. The book pulled me in and I was feeling everything the characters felt and then some. I was laughing, crying, screaming, and throwing my book down in embarrassment during a certain hotel scene. This book was absolutely phenomenal.

When I read the synopsis for this book all I could think was “gimme gimme gimme!!” I couldn’t contain my excitement for this story. Actually reading it and finding out it was better than my expectations? Pretty freaking boss!

Object of My Desire is a very unique and amazing story. I seriously loved this book from start to finish and it will definitely be a book I pick up time and time again.

This is an absolute MUST-READ story. “

– Reese’s Reviews blog


The Kenderson duo has done it again, hook line and sinker I was addicted; I picked up this book and couldn’t put it down.

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5″

– Reviewed for Seraphim Book Reviews


I rarely give Coveted 5 STAR ratings; they’re saved for Books/Items that Outshine, Outclass, & Outperform their competition… They’ve gotta give me something MORE! R.L. Kenderson has won that Distinction for Object of My Desire. Kudos Team Kenderson for your Stellar work!!!!!

Forbidden #1 – Free

A repressed vampire princess. A handsome stranger. A forbidden night that changes everything.

Forbidden Blood, the book that started the Forbidden Series, is FREE!

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Dirty Love #0.5

Sometimes rumors are just rumors. But sometimes they’re true.

Rumor Has It, a Sean and Rachel prequel, is available now!

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