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She’s always felt like she’s lived between two worlds. He never thought he’d want to share his with her.

As the only child of a cat-shifter and a human, Demi Cross has always lived between two worlds, always feeling alone. As long as she can remember, she’s been warned to hide her identity from those who don’t want her kind to exist.

But hiding is easier said than done. With her unique biology, she has needs unlike any human she knows. Once a month, her body requires a partner in only the most carnal way possible.

And, tonight, she’s on the prowl.

When Saxon Einar spots the naive human in the middle of Club Seduction, his instinct is to protect her.

But he senses something different about Demi, and it’s not just her fierce attitude.

He soon realizes she’s anything but ignorant.

Passion between the two of them ignites, leading to much more than one night. When danger comes for her, Saxon wants nothing more than to keep her safe—and to show her that she’s always had a place where she belongs.

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What do you do when your best friend’s guy cheats on her?

Help her get revenge, of course.

Getting caught by his brother isn’t part of the plan. The brother’s price for not turning us into the cops? I pretend to be his girlfriend to help him close a business deal.

I’d rather go to jail than play the part of Caleb Stanton’s latest conquest, but my friend has been through enough.


What do you do when your boss won’t sell you his store because he thinks you’re a flight risk?

Produce a girlfriend, of course.

Blackmail wasn’t normally my thing, but I’ve got less than twenty-four hours. I’d rather extort Sloan for a date or two than disappoint my boss.

We agree to a fake relationship in return for silence. We agree to act like we care about each other. We agree to five dates only.

But we don’t agree to what happens next.

And we certainly didn’t agree to falling in love.

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