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We have semi-exciting news for you today. We just send Forbidden Addiction off to our editor! That means when we get it back from her we get to send out our ARCs to all of those who signed up. We hope you're a little excited about that. We certainly are!

Also, there is less than a month left until the release of Dirty, our first contemporary romance! We can't wait to share it with you so we decided we wanted to give out a sample of the book to you all. And it's not just a little blurb, it's the first four chapters! If you are interested, you can download your copy here and enter the password SummerFling. Just, please, remember this is completely unedited since our editor still has our manuscript, so please keep that in mind when reading it. We will not publish the book the way it is right now so please don't judge too harshly. Also, the blurb is a temporary one, although that won't make too much of difference.

We can't wait to hear what you think, and don't forget to check out the giveaways below!

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Everything you need to know about Dirty!

Hello readers!

Have you been wondering about our new contemporary novel, Dirty, coming July 1st? We hope this fulfills your curiosity. We have a lot of info for you so make sure you scroll to the bottom so you don’t miss anything!

Here’s what our beta readers have been saying so far:

  • I thought the characters were very likable and engaging. The sex was hot too! I wanted to keep reading and missed them when it was done.
  • OMG!! I just finished reading and can I just say it was amazing!! I loved it so much, I can’t wait to tell people about it.
  • The sex scenes are steamy!!/Luke – H.O.T.  What’s not to love!/Love the text conversations between them – I was giggling out loud they were so cute./And that song scene……well….. not much to say on that, it was FREAKING HOT!!!!!! 

Want to know what it’s about? We have a little blurb for you:

Elise Phillips returns home due to her father’s illness and doesn’t expect to run into an old acquaintance from college. Luke was a player back then and seems to be a player now, and Elise had always prided herself on NOT being another notch on his bedpost.

But when a few rounds of pool and some alcohol lead to one night of hot sex, Elise knows that it can never happen again.

Luke Long has always thought of Elise as the pretty girl that was friends with his roommate’s girlfriend, but now she’s all grown up. When their night of passion rocks Luke’s world he knows he must have her again.

The two enter a friends-with-benefits relationship with the agreement that they’re just going to have fun. But when Elise sees a side of Luke she didn’t know existed, she finds herself falling in love, without realizing there’s a side to her that could ruin it all.

Think you want to buy it? We have some preorder links, including Barnes and Noble (whoo hoo!) available:

Still unsure? Here is a sample of what’s to come:

Excerpt (unedited):

The next morning Elise woke flat on her stomach disoriented with a piercing headache that only came from a hangover. While she’d been living with her parents for about a month now, she’d often still wake up to confusion from forgetting where she was at first. It sometimes took her a minute to realize she wasn’t at her house in Denver anymore. She opened one eye to check the time but the alarm clock wasn’t hers or the one in her parents’ guest room.

She sat up, jarring her already sore head, and let out a moan. Thankfully there were dark shades covering the windows, casting the room in shadows, and hiding the evil sun.

What happened last night? Her memory was fuzzy and it hurt to think.

She realized she was naked and pulled the sheet up to cover herself as she slowly looked around the room, recognizing nothing. Nothing but the sleeping, naked male lying on the bed next to her.

Oh, God. No! Panic raced through her body and memories rose to taunt her.

She’d slept with Luke Long. She’d slept. With Luke. Long.

She whimpered and closed her eyes. She had managed to escape college without screwing the guy, only to have dirty, dirty sex with him last night. And that’s only the stuff she could remember.

She was never drinking again.

If Rachel ever found out, she was going to give her so much shit. After she quizzed Elise on whether the whole “fucks like rock star” thing was true.

Elise couldn’t recall everything from last night after the rest of their friends left the restaurant and Luke and she decided it would be fun to take a bunch of shots. But now she did know that yes, Luke Long did indeed fuck like a rock star. Her sore vagina could attest to that.

I hate you, alcohol.

Luke shifted beside her but the arm he had over his eyes remained where it was and his breathing regulated and deepened again.

She really should get out of there before he woke up, but instead, she found herself staring at his beautiful body. Why did he have to be so gorgeous?

She moved her gaze from his face down his muscular chest and stomach and noticed a blemish of some kind. She leaned closer to look at the red mark directly above his hip. Were those teeth marks?

A memory surfaced. She’d bitten him so hard that she’d bruised him…after she’d gone down on him…again. She dropped her head in her hand. She was such a slut.

She looked again at the wound and her gaze moved to the thin white sheet that was covering one leg and only part of his penis. God, even flaccid it was thick and long. Last night she remembered thinking it was perfect. She might have even told him that she wanted to mold his dick so she could use it on herself when she was alone. She moaned softly with embarrassment.

 “Jesus, would you stop thinking? You’re making my hangover ten times worse.”

Elise jumped. “Would you stop scaring me?”

Luke chuckled and moved his arm from his face. His brown eyes glittered with amusement. “Sorry,” he said but his tone indicated that he wasn’t the least bit remorseful.

And now she was regretting not getting the hell out of there right away. She looked at the floor next to the bed and only saw a few items of clothing and nothing that looked like her shirt or her skirt she’d been wearing last night. Nothing to cover her up so she could make her escape. Then she spotted them on the other side of the room by the door and winced.

She looked at Luke, hoping maybe he’d shut his eyes in an attempt to go back to sleep, but luck was not on her side this morning, and she found him watching her. It was making her self-conscious, knowing all the naughty things she’d done with him and to him last night. “Could you please close your eyes so I can get dressed?”

This made Luke laugh but she didn’t find it the least bit funny. She needed to get up and out of there before Rachel called her or her parents called Rachel. She really didn’t need a lecture about sleeping with Luke right now, from her parents or Rachel. Especially after she’d told her friend it was never going to happen.

“I think that ship has sailed, Lise. I already saw everything last night, babe.” He looked down at her crotch. “Everything.”

 She fidgeted on the bed. First, she didn’t know how she felt about him shortening her name like they were close now or something, and second, she suddenly pictured him kneeling between her legs as he parted her and blew on her nether lips. Right before he—

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