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How about a Dirty sample?

Hello to all our beautiful readers, new and old- We have semi-exciting news for you today. We just send Forbidden Addiction off to our editor! That means when we get it back from her we get to send out our ARCs to all of those who signed up. We hope you're a little excited about that. We certainly are! Also, there is less than a month left until the release of Dirty, our first contemporary...

Apologies and Giveaways

Dear readers- Sorry about the last newsletter. I sent it out with no notes or anything. We've been so busy trying to finish up Forbidden Addiction that I cut and pasted the information and hit send. Apologies! The good news is we've sent Forbidden Addiction to our beta readers and then it goes to our editor after that. We already got our first response back yesterday. I wish we could share with...

Everything you need to know about Dirty!

Hello readers! Have you been wondering about our new contemporary novel, Dirty, coming July 1st? We hope this fulfills your curiosity. We have a lot of info for you so make sure you scroll to the bottom so you don’t miss anything! Here’s what our beta readers have been saying so far: I thought the characters were very likable and engaging. The sex was hot too! I wanted to keep reading...

Short Story Bonus

Hello readers! Back when we started this whole writing thing we did a lot of new stuff, and one of those things is we wrote a short story for a contest. We recently came across Summer Heat when we were going through and cleaning out our files, and we thought why not share it with our readers. It’s a contemporary romance that is only about 3000 words. Follow the link below to read it...

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