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ARC Opportunity!

Hello all! We wanted to give our newsletter subscribers an opportunity to read and review Kinky and Sexy: Luke & Elise's First Night! The only requirement is that you've read Dirty. You do not have to have written a review before. In fact, we'd be honored if we were the first author for you to do that a for. If you're interested, fill out the form below! Loading... Thanks everyone, Renae...

Kinky & Sexy are almost here!

Happy New Year Readers! How is 2018 treating you so far? Hopefully well, or okay, at least. My (Renae) husband got in an accident on the way to work on Monday. He wasn’t hurt, just pissed. But that is probably the worst of the year so far. That and the cold, cold weather. We actually woke up on New Year’s Day to no heat. It was 54 degrees in our house. Yikes. We had to pay a pretty...

Big Steamy Romance

Dear Readers- Hopefully, the end of summer and the beginning of school is treating you all well. We’re hoping with the older kids back in school we can get some more writing done. We have several ideas in mind but when we don’t have time to write them doesn’t do us much good. So, you’ll have to stay tuned to see what we come up with next. But, on a positive note, we have a...

Did You Know?

Dear Readers! Our post is short and sweet today. Did you know the Hidden Gems ARC program is one of the oldest and most respected ARC programs on the web today, and they’re looking for more book lovers like you! They need help finding more readers and have asked their authors to spread the word. Since Hidden Gem’s primary genre is romance (but not limited to), we knew many of you would be...

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