Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Why did you end Forbidden Blood with a cliffhanger?

A: First, we did our very best to wrap up Vaughn and Naya’s story. With the ending, we really wanted to convey that it’s an overall series cliffhanger, not a cliffhanger for these two characters. This couples’ story/book is done. We wanted to the reader to know that the Naya and Vaughn did, in fact, get their HEA in Forbidden Blood, and this is why you see the four-month epilogue jump. We wanted the readers to see them happy together and to know that the twins were born safely.
Second, we very much struggled with the ending to Forbidden Blood, but it really came down to that we wanted to set readers up for the next book. We wanted that anticipation. (It seems to have worked, don’t you think?) Even if we hadn’t ended the book with the kidnappings of Payton, Kenzie, and Sawyer, the reader would still have been left wondering if the kidnappings were going to happen and everything that surrounds that. So while it wouldn’t have been as big of a cliffhanger, it would still have left questions unanswered.
We’ve had readers tell us that they wanted to find out more about the kidnappings, but ultimately it took us a whole book to tell Payton and Damien’s story. Most people don’t want to read a 600-page book, so we had to split them up, and we really wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, anyway. In book two, you will meet new characters and get to hear the story from other characters’ points of view, and it would have all been too much for one book.

Q: Will all your books end with a cliffhanger?

A: All the books are going to end with things unanswered. It’s impossible to wrap everything up, especially if you want the series to continue. However, Forbidden Heat will not have a cliffhanger the size that Forbidden Blood and many things will be wrapped up in Forbidden Temptation.

Q: Does Forbidden Heat start where Forbidden Blood left off?

A: Forbidden Heat starts exactly where Forbidden Blood left off minus the epilogue. Readers won’t miss anything.

Q: Will Zane and Isabelle get their own book?

Zane and Isabelle will get their own book. It’s funny because before we started writing we would read about how authors do what their characters tell them and we were always a little skeptical, but it’s totally true! When the series started Kenzie and Sawyer were supposed to be the second book, but Damien stepped in and told us he wanted his HEA. Damien, being Damien was polite about it, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was going to rescue Payton and there was nothing we could do about it but go along for the ride.

Q: Will all your couples be different species/subspecies?

As of right now, we have no plans to go either way. It all goes back to what the characters tell us to do. There is a certain built-in conflict with a hero and heroine who are different species but it doesn’t mean that all our couple will be that way. In fact, we don’t know who Saxon will end up with but it’s leaning toward another cat-shifter.

Q: How many books do you plan to write in the Forbidden Series?

Right now the series is open ended. We know Saxon and Zane will get their books. And we want to explore the wolf-shifters more. And now we know that Hunter & Quentin will get a story as well. The good thing is we have a lot of characters to keep the series going for awhile.

Q: In Dirty Elise’s parents are so strict I find it hard to believe she didn’t rebel.

Elise loves and respects her parents (until maybe the dinner scene in Dirty) and she doesn’t want to do anything to hurt them, which is why she doesn’t do extreme rebelling. But Elise’s wild and uninhibited attitude in the bedroom is her way of expressing herself and rebelling against her parents’ rigidness. She definitely has a different sex life than her parents do. Also, Elise moved away after college and explored her independence. I think she learned what type of person she was being on her own like that.

Q: Do you think you tried to hard to banish all stereotypes from Luke in Dirty?

We didn’t try to do anything. You have to remember, Luke is a lot like R.’s husband who actually full Asian. To say Luke can’t be real because he doesn’t meet society’s expectations of him doesn’t make him any less likely to be a person. They’re called stereotypes for a reason. Because they don’t represent every member of that race, class, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Also, Luke is a doctor, so it’s not like all stereotypes are gone. 🙂

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Interesting Facts

1. Pulse, the nightclub where Naya and Vaughn meet in Forbidden Blood, is located on the Minneapolis-St. Paul border. While Pulse does not exist or any nightclub on the border, there really is a business built on both sides. KSTP-FM (94.5 FM)’s building is on the boundary between the two cities. Two articles about it can be found here and here.

2. There very much indeed used to be a huge rivalry between Minneapolis and St. Paul. When we started Forbidden Blood and the antagonism between the vampires and shifters, we were very lucky that our setting’s history had already established the separation. The old rivalry is long gone and most people who live in the Twin Cities don’t even think about it, but it used to be pretty heavy from Minneapolis being one hour behind St Paul, because they couldn’t agree on a Daylight Saving calendar, to kidnapping each other’s census takers. There is actually a section in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Wikipedia page that’s kind of interesting.

3. When it comes to certain…ahem…shifter anatomy, we really tried to go with what nature had designed in cats and wolves. We had to adapt some things to make sense of what it would look like when a shifter is in their human form. There are a few things that only apply to cats or only apply to wolves in the real world, but we decided to make our shifters have most of the same qualities, because they are already different from humans and vampires, and are a subspecies of each other rather than a completely different species.

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