What’s in the works?


What’s in the works for the Forbidden Series?

Forbidden #5


Forbidden Claim

Zane & Isabelle’s story

Forbidden #6


Forbidden Seduction

Saxon’s story

Forbidden #7


Forbidden Mate

Hunter & Quentin’s story

What’s in the works for the Naughty Series?

When we wrote Dirty it was intended to be a standalone novel. But then we meet Rachel & Sean and Nate, and we decided they needed their stories too. Also, we thought it would be fun to write a novelette about Elise & Luke’s first night that you didn’t get to see in their book. Stay tuned for updates on these upcoming stories!

Naughty #1

Naughty series(7)


Rachel & Sean’s story

Naughty #2.5

Naughty series

Luke & Elise’s First Night

What happened that night?
You’ll have to read the book to find out…

Naughty #3

Naughty series(1)


Nate’s story

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