Forbidden Blood

Book 1 in the Forbidden Series
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“I started reading and didn’t stop! I loved Naya and Vaughns story.
It’s a tale of family expectations, love, laughter, friendship, loyalty and sacrifice. I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone!”

A repressed vampire princess. A handsome stranger. A forbidden night that changes everything.

Next in line to lead the vampire species, Princess Naya Kensington has always abided by her royal responsibilities. At the urging of her best friend, Naya breaks the rules and crosses the line when she goes to a human nightclub. Following a chance encounter, Naya alters her life with a singular act forged from lust and blood.

Vaughn Llewelyn has secrets and obligations of his own, but he ignores them when he spots Naya across the nightclub. He wants her in a way he’s never felt before, and although he can’t possibly have more than one night with Naya, he knows no one else will do.

One night of forbidden love creates a bond that will forever change both of their lives…as well as their worlds.


“Great book , can’t wait for the next one !!! Hot, sexy and a great love story too, this is a complete package. Must read!!!!”

“I have never read a vampire book as good as this one. What a true love story. A MUST read.”


As Naya moved closer, she found a small opening near the corner of the bar. When she reached the counter, it was obvious as to why the space had been empty. Next to her sat a disheveled man perched on a stool. He stank of alcohol and smelled like he was about a week overdue for a shower. He ogled her, making her uncomfortable, but people were swarming the bar around her, so she was unable to put the space she wanted between herself and the dirty drunk.

However, she was sick of people forcing her to do things she didn’t want to do, whether it was consciously or subconsciously on their part. She was going to get a drink, head to the floor, and dance until she started to have fun, even if it killed her. She would not let anyone ruin her plans.

“Hey, baby,” he said as he scooted closer, looking her up and down and almost falling over in the process. Apparently, his intoxicated state wasn’t going to stop him because he next slurred, “You’re hot,” as he swayed into her personal bubble.

She’d had to hold her breath when he spoke since his teeth hadn’t met a toothbrush in some time.

Naya faced forward and ignored him, hoping he would get the hint. While situations like this didn’t happen often, she had learned that silence was sometimes the best policy.

He leaned in closer. “I said, hey, baby.”

This time, she gave him a stern look. “Sir, I am not your baby.” She turned away, praying the straightforward approach would work.

“Wanna come home with me tonight? We can grab a six-pack of beer and fuck.”

She gasped. “No!” Gross.

“What? You don’t like beer?” He laughed at his joke and extended his hand to touch her.

She jerked her arm away and lifted her chin with confidence. “I’m here with someone.”

If only it were true.

He called her bluff. “I don’t see anyone with you. Why are you playing hard to get, dollface?”

She groaned. Why won’t he go away?

She took a small step back, irritated that she had to be the one to leave, when she sensed a presence behind her. Even though she couldn’t see the person, she knew immediately that he was big, male, and powerful. But she wasn’t afraid. In fact, a calm sense of relief came over her, and she instinctively recognized he was the one who had been watching her. The deep feelings he’d first stirred in her now flared to life. Anticipation, excitement, arousal, and exhilaration fused into one. Her head was spinning as her nostrils flared, and the lonely place between her legs blazed to life.

From the mirror behind the bar, she caught a glimpse of a virile male before he slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her flush against him, engulfing her body with his own. He kissed her neck and lingered there as if he had the right.

She tilted her head and let him.

“Hey, baby. Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you,” his deep voice said loud enough for the other man to hear. He nipped her ear and whispered, “Play along.”

Her senses were overwhelmed, and it took Naya a second to follow his direction.

She turned to face him, and her actions faltered for a moment as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He was absolutely gorgeous. He stood tall and large, at least six inches over her five-foot-ten frame, with thick black hair that fell below his ears. His sapphire eyes glistened with heat. He stole her breath and set her already hot insides on fire. The fullness of his lips made them almost womanly, except nothing on his chiseled face could ever be mistaken for feminine. His tight black T-shirt revealed broad shoulders and muscular definition—the kind that came from physical labor rather than working out—in his chest and stomach that tapered down to his hips.

Before she could fully contemplate her actions, she went one step further with the ploy and muttered the words, “Sorry, I didn’t realize you couldn’t find me,” and then she kissed him.

It was just a peck, but it was enough to catch his scent. He smelled amazing. She initially thought his rich aroma was cologne, but then she licked her lips, noting that he tasted the same way he smelled. Delicious, like spiced cloves.

She briefly wondered what his blood would taste like. Would it be just as enticing? She groaned at the thought and reminded herself that it was forbidden to drink from humans.

Vampire blood was the only blood strong enough to sustain them, and for the first time, she found herself disappointed by that fact. She was due to feed. Maybe that was why she found this male so tempting. Yet, the waitress who had cut her hand earlier aroused nothing in her, so what—

“Hey, I saw her first,” the drunk muttered, interrupting her thoughts.

Too intoxicated to see this male must have outweighed him by eighty pounds, he displayed a complete lack of fear for his safety. The guy ignored all indications that they wanted him to leave. Her fictitious date stiffened around her, and his mouth tightened into a flat line. Determination shone brightly in his eyes.

The male planted a kiss on the corner of her mouth and then took their pseudo-relationship to the next level. When his tongue licked the seam of her lips, she opened and let him in. He consumed her mouth with his slick, hot kiss, turning her on and causing her core to clench.

This was a male marking his territory.

He cupped the back of her neck in one hand, and his other arm tightened around her hips to gather her closer until his attention-grabbing arousal pressed into her. He rubbed back and forth, and immediately, she wanted him to ease the ache he was causing between her legs. She’d never felt so empty before.

When he left her mouth, she whimpered from the lack of his warmth and taste. She opened her eyes to see why he’d stopped when he moved to kiss her jaw. She felt him kiss his way down her neck and onto her chest. His hands moved up her hips to her shoulders. He linked his thumbs under her dress straps and glided them halfway down her biceps, exposing the upper swells of her breasts.

For a second, she worried that he would continue to uncover her, and her buzz of arousal faded slightly. But he simply paused to drink in her cleavage, and when his eyes flicked to hers, the look on his face stopped her breath. He could strip her bare, and she wouldn’t care.

He smirked as if he knew her thoughts, and she moaned. His eyes bore into hers as he kissed the top of one breast and then the other. Thinking he was done, he shocked her when his warm tongue dipped under her dress and stroked the tip of her nipple. Just a fleeting caress, but it was enough for her to suck in a breath as she closed her eyes. No one had ever been this brazen with her before.

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