Sexy: Luke & Elise’s First Night

Book 1.25 in the Naughty Series
Naughty series

“Loved it – very sexy!”

For the fans of  Dirty.

Ever wonder what happened that fateful night that Elise went home with Luke?

Now there’s no need. Find out what went down between chapters two and three. One thing for sure, it’ll be downright sexy…and, of course, a little dirty.

Sexy is a 7,800-word novelette about what happened between chapters 2 & 3 in Dirty. It is strongly recommended you read Dirty before Sexy.


I loved it I was wondering what happened to lead up to Elise waking up in Luke’s house haha and ooommmggg the Jagermeister scene!!!!!!!”

Sexy is the smut companion to Dirty. It’s Luke and Elise’s first night (the drunken pool incident). Dirty is the story this is just one night. It’s hot, it’s dirty and full of sexy scenes.

Excerpt (unedited):

Luke helped Elise get into the back of the cab then climbed in after her. He gave the driver his address, and they pulled away from the curb.

Luke grabbed Elise’s hand and kissed her palm. He couldn’t believe she was going home with him. He’d had a semi all night just being with her. Every time she’d bent over to take a shot, her skirt had pulled tight against her ass, which had caused his jeans to pull tight against his dick.

Now she smiled at him with heat in her eyes. She scooted closer, unsnapped her seatbelt, and got up on her knees. She looked like she was about to swing a leg over him when the driver snapped, “Seatbelt, lady. I’m not getting another ticket.”

Elise clicked her tongue in disappointment but sat back down and buckled up.

Luke chuckled at her frustration. He loved that she wanted him so badly.

Not ready to give up, she slid over as close as her seat belt would allow and kissed him. He wished he lived closer. If her mouth tasted this good, he couldn’t wait to see how the rest of her tasted.

She broke their kiss, and the look on her face was a purely wanton. She trailed her finger down his chest, over his stomach, and over the front of his pants. His cock jerked, wanting her finger to touch him with no clothing in the way.

He leaned his head back against the seat, hoping that if he didn’t watch her touch him, he wouldn’t come in his pants before they even pulled up to his house. He felt her still touching him but didn’t realize what she was doing until cool air hit him.

He picked his head up just in time to see Elise lean over and take him in her mouth. She sucked on the tip of his cock and licked the slit at the top. She moaned as if she liked the taste of him, and he grew impossibly harder.

Her hair fell down around her face, and he reached down and slid it behind her ear. Just in time too, because he got to watch her take his whole dick in her mouth. This was not Luke’s first blow job by any means, but he could count on one hand how many women had actually been able to deep throat him. None of them compared to Elise.

He hissed out a breath as the tip of his penis hit the back of her throat and she sucked down on him. He should be embarrassed that he was so close to orgasm, but he was using all his thoughts on not coming.

He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck. “E-Elise— Fuck.” He tried again. “Lise. Babe. I’m going to come. You need to— Fuck.”

Instead of releasing him, she sucked harder.

And he was done for.

Luke threw his head back, shoved his fist in his mouth, and came.

His climax rocked through his body, starting at his groin and spreading to his head and toes. Damn, it felt good. Elise swallowed as he continued to pulse over and over into her mouth, which only made the experience that much better.

After his body calmed, he was vaguely aware of Elise’s mouth releasing him before she tucked him back into his pants. She moved up his body, and he opened his eyes to see her looking at him. Her eyes were red and filled with tears from where they had watered from taking his length.

Luke reached up and trailed a finger down her face. “You’re amazing.”

Elise leaned into his touch. “Nah. Just horny.”

Luke laughed as he slipped his hand between her legs. She moaned at the contact. Her panties were soaked and he started to grow hard again. He didn’t think that was possible after the orgasm he’d just had, but Elise was so fricking sexy.

She was rubbing herself against his fingers when the driver said, “We’re here.”

“Buzzkill,” Elise muttered before exiting the cab.

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