Reviewers wanted, please.

Dear readers-

If you are a reviewer, whether it’s on Amazon, Goodreads, or a blog, we would love for you to read and review Forbidden Series: Volume One (Books #1-3) for free. If you are interested, you will automatically be given an ARC of Forbidden Addiction when we send them out! Even if you’ve already written a review in the past, we will send you an ARC.

Forbidden Series: Volume One is still available free through Kindle Unlimted, but if you do not have Kindle Unlimited, you can claim your free copy at Instafreebie. (Right now we only have a limited number of copies available, but if enough interest is shown, we can always add more to Instafreebie.)

As an indie author, we rely heavily on readers and bloggers to write reviews and spread the word on our books, and we want you all to know how much we appreciate your help. We couldn’t do it without you.

So, please, if you’re interested, just fill out the form below so we can add you to our ARC list!