Forbidden Temptation is live!

The wait is finally over! Forbidden Temptation is live everywhere! Thank you all for your patience while you waited for Kenzie and Sawyer’s story. We hope it was worth it.

Chapter One

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Forbidden Temptation pre-order, synopsis, and sneak peek!

Hello all!

It’s almost here! Kenzie & Sawyer will be available in just 10 days! Until then, here is the first part of chapter one. Enjoy!



Since one fateful evening at a nightclub, Kenzie Swanson and Sawyer Lennar have shared an undeniable attraction. They’ve had moments where they couldn’t ignore their desires, succumbing to their needs, and Sawyer has marked Kenzie in a way that no other man can.

But there is one problem that continues to keep them apart.

As a cat-shifter with a traumatic past, Sawyer hates humans—and Kenzie is all human.

Sawyer’s hatred pushes Kenzie away, and they try to maintain their distance from each other—until they are mistakenly kidnapped and have to act as a couple. When the unforeseen happens, Kenzie can only do so much to deny herself from being intimate with Sawyer.

Given a chance at what might have been, Sawyer and Kenzie are forced to face the forbidden temptation to be with one another.  

Chapter One

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