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Forbidden Heat pre-order links!

Hello again! Sorry you are getting another newsletter so soon. We promise, we do not send them out all the time, but with the soon-to-be release of Forbidden Heat, they might be a bit more frequent. Then after that, you probably won’t hear from us for months. Moving on. Today’s message is short and sweet. Some of you have asked, and here they are: the pre-order links for Forbidden...

FORBIDDEN HEAT release date, synopsis, ARC info, and sneak peek!

Hello readers!We hope you are all enjoying the weather and that holiday preparations are going well for everyone. We have four things for you today, and we hope by the end of this newsletter, you’ll be really excited.First off, Forbidden Heat has an official release date! It will be live on December 16, 2014. Yay! Just in time for the holidays.Are you getting excited?Now that you know when...

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